Lakefront Owners

Please take advantage of the lowered lake to clean debris, weeds and algae, and muck manually from … [Read more...]

Help Needed for Shoreline Maintenance – 10/25

We will be having a workday to do shoreline maintenance on Lake Hills property.  We need some able … [Read more...]

Drawing Down the Lake

We will begging drawing down the lake beginning on October 13, until mid-November. Although this is … [Read more...]

PowWow – October Issue

PW October 14 … [Read more...]

LHA Weed & Algae Management

Lycott Environmental is scheduled for MONDAY, SEPT 29, 2014 to perform the following water quality … [Read more...]

Boat Removal

Now that summer is officially over (BooHoo!) it is time to be like the squirrels and start thinking … [Read more...]

Movie Night – The Lego Movie

Movie Night will be THIS FRIDAY at Beach 1 (Tahmore Dr.). Come on down around 6:30 and get settled. … [Read more...]

Movie Night

The LHA Movie Night will be on Friday, August 22 at Beach 1 (Tahmore Dr.). Come on down for some … [Read more...]

LHA Campout

The LHA Campout will be THIS SATURDAY, beginning at 6pm at Beach 4, Winnepoge Dr . Come down, pitch … [Read more...]

Lycott Environmental | AUGUST 4, 2014

SPECIAL NOTCE: The lake has not been chemically treated yet this year due to a delay receiving our … [Read more...]