Easter Egg Hunt April 15

It's a Lake Hills tradition. Join your neighbors and watch the children swarm beach four's baseball … [Read more...]


ALL boats must be removed from the Lake Hills Beaches by the first weekend in December. Any boats … [Read more...]


Lake Hills Members, On July 13th and 21st our lake management company All Habitat Services (AHS) … [Read more...]

Windsurfer was found

Please contact Laura at laurakochotr@sbcglobal.net.  Please provide a description.  … [Read more...]

Town of Fairfield Beach Closure Updates

Fairfield is updating the way they notify residents about beach closures. If you're interested in … [Read more...]

Lake Hills Water Quality Management – TODAY 6/18/2015

Lake Hills Members, Aquatic Control Technologies (ACT) is scheduled for today, THURSDAY, JUNE 18, … [Read more...]

LHA_Members Request for Missing Wheelbarrow

Lake Hills Members - Last Fall, in early November, a number of volunteers helped with our … [Read more...]

PowWow – October Issue

PW October 14 … [Read more...]

Boat Removal

Now that summer is officially over (BooHoo!) it is time to be like the squirrels and start thinking … [Read more...]

Lycott Environmental | AUGUST 4, 2014

SPECIAL NOTCE: The lake has not been chemically treated yet this year due to a delay receiving our … [Read more...]