Water Safety

Lake Hills Water Safety Rules

  1. Rough, dangerous or boisterous behavior is not allowed on the beach, docks, rafts or in the swimming area.
  2. The lifeguard must approve the use of the surfboards; skim boards and other flotation devices. Use of these devices is limited to inside the ropes.
  3. No more than 10 persons are allowed on a raft at one time.
  4. No Swimming under rafts or docks.
  5. Diving from rafts is limited to the sides of the raft visible to the lifeguard.
  6. Diving from or swimming in the area of boat docks, rocks is prohibited.
  7. No boats or canoes are allowed in the swimming area.
  8. Swimming between beaches is prohibited.
  9. All persons shall observe any rule, which a lifeguard seemsnecessary to maintain safety.